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1575 L'Orient Street
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About Mississippi Creative Arts


  • The school has strong community arts partnerships with the Ordway Center, Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, Center for Hmong Arts and Talent, The M, Children's Theatre Company, and many others.
  • Students participate in district and citywide performances.
  • Services for special education students and English language learners are offered with the general classes.
  • The school has a strong emphasis on family and community involvement. Mississippi is a member of the National PTA.
  • Extended day programs include Area Learning Center (ALC) program and Big Brothers and Big Sisters
  • ALL of our students receive Science, Music, Visual Art, Dance and Drama as part of their curriculum.
  • Extended year opportunities are offered by the Area Learning Center Summer Program.

Our school is one of the first and finest creative arts schools in Saint Paul. Every student experiences the arts through music, dance, drama, visual arts, reading, writing, science and math. Our teachers love what they do and many are practicing artists themselves. Working with our community partners, students can participate in city-wide performances and experience the arts through the varies partnerships we have with community arts organizations. Our young artists create art in the classroom and have many opportunities to display it for our lively community. After-school and recreational opportunities are available in our building and just a short walk away at McDonough Recreation Center. We welcome everyone at Mississippi Creative Arts School and we are proud of our strong family and community involvement.

Working with our own arts specialists and internationally known artists-in-residence, young creative minds experience the satisfaction of making art as they learn reading, writing, math and science. Our teachers use the arts integration approach to teaching. Students have many opportunities to display their knowledge in visual or performing arts work for our vibrant international community, and parents and community organizations are active in our school. After-school and recreation opportunities are a short walk away at McDonough Recreation Center. Transportation and childcare availability will be updated in alignment with Covid protocols.

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